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TableSaverLoader 0.16 2016-10-05

TableSaverLoader 0.16

  1. Pazyryk
    Save and load Lua tables (including nested tables) to Civ5SavedGameDatabase.db.

    TableSave(gT, "MyMod") will recursively save gT and all nested values and tables to a single table called "MyMod_Data" in Civ5SavedGameDatabase.db (which gets packed into the Civ5Save file). A second table called "MyMod_Info" keeps save/load info including a checksum used to test data integrity on load.

    TableLoad(gT, "MyMod") will rebuild gT after a game load.

    Version history
    0.11 Fixes a bug in 0.10 that caused a crash when a variable changed type
    0.12 Adds TableSave to LuaEvents so it can be called from another state
    0.13 Fixes a bug in 0.12 that occured when a nested table was moved from one table index to another; recoded from ground-up for speed and robustness; there are some new table rules
    0.14 Fixed error in 0.13 where it would not save an empty table (so that index would be nil on loading)
    0.15 (not released) More speed and memory optimizations: in particular, no longer stores a string representation of numbers. TableLoad now returns true (if save tables exist) or false, so can be used to detect a loaded game
    0.16 Now allows apostrohe (') in string values and NaN, Inf and -Inf as numbers; more memory optimization

    For more information, see: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=442249