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TAC 2.03_final - The Authentic Colonization 2016-10-05

TAC 2.03_final - The Authentic Colonization

  1. Writing Bull
    A team of German and Swiss modders presents you a large but well balanced and well tested modification for Colonization. For the last almost four years we have developed this community modification of German-speaking Civforum.​

    TAC Project Team:
    Akropolis – Commander Bello - Elwood - Fankman - koma13 - melcher kürzer
    Ronnar - Stöpsel - Writing Bull - xXstrikerXx

    We are glad to present you the final version of The Authentic Colonization: TAC 2.03_final has been released!

    A team of German and Swiss modders presents you the final version of The Authentic Colonization. TAC 2.03_final is a large but well balanced and well tested modification for "Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization". For the last almost four years we have developed this community modification of German-speaking Civforum.

    The vanilla version of Civ4Col contained many failings and bugs, and it hadn't the spirit which all fans of the original Colonization had enjoyed. We have kept working hard for a general overhaul of the whole game. We have improved AI and balancing. And we have added a lot of new content like events, quests, achievements, a new and comfortable menue of transport-routes, a revised interface, specific troop-models for all nations, new maps, more civilizations, more founding fathers, more resources, cocoa plantings and whaling and learning-by-doing and much more. TAC-Manual presents our new features.

    TAC includes some parts of other international modifications like Netbandit's balance Mod and Dale's Age of Discovery II. We'd like to thank all testers who helped us developing this mod. Please notice that you will find detailed credits ingame at the colopedia.

    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    How complicated is the installation?
    It's very simple. You get an installer. Please start the exe-file and follow the instructions. TAC requires the official patch 1.01f. We recommend installing the patch manually to avoid any issues. The Steam Version patches the game automatically. Please don’t mind that save games from the vanilla version cannot be played with TAC.

    Does TAC override any data from the vanilla version?
    No, it doesn’t. You don’t need any backup.

    What if I don’t like TAC?
    Just play the vanilla version. You don’t need to uninstall TAC.

    Must I uninstall older versions of TAC after the release of a newer version?
    No. Each TAC-version has an own name. You can delete the old versions to get more space, but that isn't necessary.

    Can I play TAC together with other mods?
    No, sorry. The game allows only one mod at time. This is reasonable because two mods don’t get along with each other.

    How can I start TAC?
    If you use the installer, you get a desktop icon. Double click on it.

    Does TAC contain bugs?
    TAC is software, and software has always some bugs. But we have been developing this mod for four years, and it contains only few bugs meantime – and less bugs than vanilla version.

    What about the multiplayer-mode?
    You can already play TAC in multiplayer. It isn't possible to trade directly with other players, but that is an error of vanilla version. The only TAC-bug is caused by the cheat menu (ctrl-shift-z). So if you run into an oos-error during a multiplayer session, it means someone tried to access that menu.
    To make TAC showing up in the multiplayer lobby, your TAC installations have to match following criterias:
    1) All participants of a multiplayer party should have installed the same version of TAC (e.g TAC 2.03_beta without any file changes).
    2) TAC have to be installed into the program directory of Colonization (e.g. C:\Program Files\Colonization\Mods\TAC 2.03_beta), not the documents/user folder.
    3) The player who host the multiplayer game have to setup his windows firewall to allow the other players to access it. Look up your Windows documentation how to do that.
    If you can't get the lobby to work, you can also try access a multiplayer session by using the "direct ip" option.

    Can I use the ingame-tutorial?
    No, sorry. We haven't adapted it to TAC. Therefore it is disabled. That is a general problem of Colonization-mods, it is too laborous to adapt the tutorial to all changes which had happened.

    Could you explain me your new features?
    Yes, but at first please read TAC-Manual. We have written it for you ...

    The billboards of the settlements have problems to show the right names of the cities. Can you help me?
    That bug isn't specific to TAC but to all mods. Mods for Civ4Col which are installed at MyGames-folder don't work if there is a special sign (like "ä", "é", "ñ", "ç") at the user name of the MyGames-folder. Create a new folder named "mods" at the main game installation directory and put the TAC-folder there.

    After playing TAC some hours, the pauses between two rounds are lengthy. Can you help me?
    That's a problem of the Colonization game engine, it isn't specific to TAC. Please save the game, go to the desktop, restart Colonization and load the save game.

    Can I play TAC on my mac?
    Generally it is not possible to play the mac-version of Colonization in combination with great modifications offered at the fan-forums. The mac-version packed important files into another format. These files won't be changed when you install TAC. But it is possible to use the windows-version of Colonization at your mac. Please use TAC 2.03_final without exe-installer. Here you will find a short technical introduction how to use this version on your mac. Sorry, it is only in German. If you will try that and if it works, please tell your experiences to other users at our TAC-thread at Fanatics. Then other mac-users will know a solution too.

    What about the future of TAC?
    The development of TAC has been finished. But at our German-speaking forum we are developing scenarios which use TAC for creating some new challenges. The first one named “Werewolves” has already been released.

    I wish to use parts of TAC in my own modification. Is that okay?
    As a matter of course it is permitted to use TAC in an own mod project as long as the copyrights are not harmed. Please read our ingame credits. TAC is a non-commercial mod project. If you use or distribute TAC please pay attention to the copyright. We allow usage and distribution as long as TAC remains non-commercial. If you wish to use artwork, we could give you more informations about the creators so that you could mention them in the credits of your own modification.

    How can I contact you?
    You can contact us at our Fanatics-thread or via email to writing.bull@gmx.de .


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