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Tamriel Map And Scenario: TSL 1.0

Adds Fictional Continent of Tamriel

  1. Jbrid5462
    This mod adds in Tamriel, a fictional world created by Bethesda Softworks. The mod utilizes 10 civilizations in the game.
    Rome- Cyrodiil
    Scandinavia- Skyrim
    France- High Rock
    Ottomans- Hammerfell
    Mongols- Orsinium
    Germany- Tribunal Temple
    China- Morrowind
    Aztecs- Black Marsh
    Arabia- Elsweyr
    Japan- Valenwood.

    This mod adds in all of the cities in Elder Scrolls lore, and allows you to plays as great heroes from the games, and it's lore, such as Tiber Septim, or Ysgramor, the great winter king of Atmora. Or maybe play as Vivec, the defacto God-King of Vvardenfell and it's inhabitants, leading the tribunal temple into a golden age.

    Who will you choose, to start a new empire, for Tamriel!

    This mod is in version 1.0, so please let me know if there are any bugs. Thank you and enjoy!


    1. Iliac Bay Region.png
    2. Logo.png
    3. Solsheim.png
    4. The Imperial City.png
    5. Vvardenfell and Morrowind.png