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Tank Girl 2016-10-05

Tank Girl

  1. Mozza
    Continuing a theme, I decided to make everyone's favourite post-apocaliptical gun toting neo-punk college girl. She runs around looking slightly vunerable, seemingly armed only with a baseball bat (with a rusty nail in it), but if any fella hassals her, she whips out a nifty little SMG and fills them with led, probably saying something comically appropriate with slight feminist overtones as she does so (whitty remarks not included with the download, must be supplied by your own brain).

    I used the SAMInfantry animations, added a resized, reskined scouts head (severed head suplied by Chalid), made a fringe with C.Roland's ear (as in the model he uploaded, not his actual ear), helmat curtesy of asioasioasio, and spent one of the most wasteful hours of my life skinning a beltbuckle made from a Praetorian's shield that can't be seen in the game. the bat came again from C.Roland, in the form of a Chaos Weapon with the skull removed, the nail is the Modern Great Merchant's evening cane reduced and reskinned.

    Feedback welcome in the Comments Thread.