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Tank P26_40 2nd version 2016-10-05

Tank P26_40 2nd version

  1. KrugerPritz
    Tank P26_40

    modelled by me
    added standard tracks

    meshes uploaded on M4A3.nif (I still don't know the author)

    Uses M4A3 animations, included

    Original texture and BluePrint from the wonderful "STORIA DEI MEZZI CORAZZATI - Fratelli Fabbri Editori"
    I have only few numbers of this old enciclopedy full of blueprints.

    The original texture has german insignia, as the tank never served under Italy cause was soon requiside by germans,
    but to play with the italians I made a texture with "Battaglioni M" (M Battalions) insignia

    Feel free to use it as You want




    1. p26_x25.jpg
    2. p26_bm_yU9.jpg
    3. p26ingame_qVl.jpg