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TarcisioCM'German Empire for VP 2019-03-24

Adds TarcisioCM'German Empire, led by Wilhelm II, for Vox Populi

  1. Cat-du-fromage
    Adds German Empire, led by Wilhelm II as a playable civilization
    Unique Ability - Weltpolitik
    Unique Building - Kaiser Institut
    Unique Unit - Sturmtruppen
    Unique Building 2 - Teutonic order(same 4UC germany)
    Unique Unit 2 - UBoat

    This Mod is a modifed version of TarcisioCM - Germany
    custom civilization. It has been tweaked for compatibility with Gazebo's Community Patch and Vox Populi.

    • TarcisioCM: Base Concept, Icons, Pedias
    • COF: Base Concept
    • Viregel: Base Concept
    • JanBoruta - Civilization Icon, Leader Icon, Leader Screen, Icons (Kaiser Institut, Uboat)
    • 3D Unit Models - bernie14 and danrell
    • Team 3rd and 4th Unique Components (Teutonic Order)
    • Cat-Du-Fromage: VP compatibility, lua, SQL
    • Noxcaedibux: lua