TechWindow 1.g1 2016-10-05

TechWindow 1.g1

  1. Roamty

    CvTechSplashScreen is all you need to make this work in any mod that out there. Just add the folders Assets,Python,Screens,with CvTechSplashScreen being in the Screens folder to any mod. TechWindow 1.g1 works with all versions Vanilla, Warlords, and BTS. Has Caesium fix on line 291, CyGlobalContext().getBuildInfo(j).getImprovement(), 1, False ) instead of j+2. Now it shows the Quote for the Tech and the Civilopedia text while you hear the Quote being said for the Tech. Got idea from Genghis Khan Warlords, CvTechSplashScreen. Now has the Civilopedia text starting on two lines later thanks to Caesium. Allows: Label has been change to "Units" "Buildings Enabled" and last "Improvements" made possible by Gaurav.