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Terra Incognita Techweb 2016-10-05

Terra Incognita Techweb

  1. HandyVac
    Makes several changes to the early part of the techtree, to represent your initial explorations of a planet you know nothing about.

    Key changes:

    - No resources of any kind are visible at planetfall.

    - Forests and marshes may not be cleared until the proper tech has been researched.

    - Tectonic Scanner reveals basic resources instead of strategic ones.

    Basic resources are revealed by the new techs Zoological Survey, Botanical Catalogue and Mineral Prosepecting, while Firaxite, Floatstone and Xenomass are revealed by the same techs that make them workable.

    Discussion thread here


    1. terraincognitalogo_Kl7.jpg
    2. techweb_p2t.jpg
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    5. botanicalcat_9U7.jpg
    6. zoologicsurv_nHV.jpg