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Tesla Tank 2016-10-05

Ever wanted to "Shock" and Awe the opposition? Ever wanted to crush the evil capitalist swine in the name of Mother Russia? Ever wanted a tank that was "all that and a bottle of vodka"?

Well, my friend this is the tank for you. Sporting it's twin Telsa Coil emitters, each of which deliver a nice, crispy 1.8 gigavolts to the target, as well as not one but two twin mounted 40mm side cannons (in case you accidentally blow a fuse). All of this is mounted on a chassis with two 12 cylinder diesel engines that propel this monstrosity at speeds of up to 50 MpH (90 KpH) and generate enough electricity to charge the two 1 farad capacitors that power the tesla array. The best part is that you can have it for the low-low price of 100 billion rubles!

Anyways, Spetsnaz requested this unit for the CFC user's mod, so I decided to do it (I needed a break from all the FF units I was doing anyways). Other purposes this could be used for is a second/alternate UU for Russia (replaces the Modern Armor, but requires Superconductor tech and give it increased attack). It could also be used as one of the units in the Red Alert mod that some people were discussing earlier.

Before I wrap this up, I'd like to thank Muffins for making his Shadowsword tank model publicly available, since the I used that particular model for the main body of this tank, all I did was remove the laser cannon and the original mount for the laser cannon, modify the side cannons, make a new mount and the tesla coil turret, and re-texture most of the model and animate it.

Updated, thanks to Muffins. Now you can download the unit in one easy zip file.
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