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Test IV Time (complete addon scenario by joelwest) 2016-10-05

Test IV Time (complete addon scenario by joelwest)

  1. joelwest
    an add on scenario by joelwest (biq build 17X) to
    Stargate's Test IV Time, :high5: :hatsoff:

    a Civ 3 mod that seeks to emulate Civ 4 gameplay.

    the mod & the scenario feature extensive rule changes to gov's & units,
    revised civ's, etc.

    the aim is to give the feel of Civ 4 gameplay as much as possible in Civ 3.

    95 MB total download plus 9 MB more for optional replacement terrain
    that is brighter.


    this download file is the complete 95 MB add on scenario to
    stargate's Test IV Time mod.

    the other download file contains the non-unit files which will
    be updated as the this add on scenario progresses.


    all content in this add on scenario is compiled and edited by joelwest;
    Stargate is given credit in the author section since he did the original
    T4T mod, but Stargate did not "approve" these files before I posted them;
    at some point in the future parts of this new content may be blended into
    his base mod since Stargate is in general agreement with the direction
    I took for this scenario


    the folder search path in the biq in this download pack is

    Test 4 Ti JDW;Joel's Test 4 Time Units;Joel's Terrain;Test 4 Time 1.1 (C3C)

    you will have to change the directory name of your T4T folder to the latter
    for the biq to work unmodified. alternatively you can open the biq (after

    removing its read only file attribute) and update the folder name in the
    search path to your own T4T folder name.


    brighter terrain for Civ 3 (9 MB size) is available separately at http://forums.civfanatics.com/downlo...o=file&id=7341