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Tetris 1 2016-10-05

Tetris 1

  1. Minor Annoyance
    This is a map where the terrain is arranged in Tetris shapes. If I had been thinking ahead I would have made each line have an empty (water) space so the line doesn't "clear". The different aspects of the map that are shaped into Tetris pieces are sized differently so they don't all overlap in the same way. Rivers outlines are build from 6x6 squares, terrain and trees in 5x5, and hills in 4x4. Trees and hills each have a "boarder" tile to separate them from adjacent shapes so they all don't just blend together.

    Has randomized resources.

    Forum topic: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=316668


    1. tetris1_b1J.jpg