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Thark Captain of Barsoom 2016-10-05

Thark Captain of Barsoom

  1. tom2050
    Thark Captain of Barsoom (unit conversion)

    Unit has been Civ Coloured. Major modifications made to original model; including clothing, mesh alterations (head, body shape), texture changes, additional set of arms added, skeletal structure altered and partially re-rigged, and many animation alterations/additions made. Comes to 2 INI's with different attack setups; read Readme for info.

    Weapons: 1 Mace, 1 Radium Rifle

    Unit32, Large/Small pcx, and Sound Files included. Is an Atlantica Online unit.

    Visit my Unit Factory.



    1. tharkcaptain_lg_YhY.jpg
    2. tharkcaptain1_WMh.gif
    3. tharkcaptain2_5nf.gif