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The 21st Century 2016-10-05

This is awesome.
seeing as how this is no longer a futureistic scenario id like for you to Up-date it or create a part two. this is my idea dont change a thing except this make it the near future of the year 2021 and call it " 21st century pt.2 v.1 ". and in this scenario depicts VA day or V-M day victory over arabs or muslims . and in this scenario Africans get Ehithiopia and Somalia. and India merges with Pakistan and afganistan to form South Asian union. a unon styled like the EU but only smaller. Plus the EU takes back poland. and the north american union gets Mexico so that the 3 NAFTA nations will be united on the other hand the americans also get to keep that Isreal and its possesions bit. like Palestine ,and jordan. and Korea is united and independent again for first time sice the year 1900 part of the japanese alliance but atlease united and not communist. former soviet civ called CIS (commonwealth of independent states) stays the same except i did notice you put some of its cities in the wrong location like i seen tilbisi in Siberia and its a dagestan republic.(the caucasian mountains) i noticed greenland was completly uncolonized i figured at least one small city of size 4 and under EU control but it was fun having exploer type units there in the uncharted lands i felt like marco polo when i was comanding that explorer dude. and since the march 2011 canada has broken away from the british commonwealth of nations and calls it self the harper government and the union with the USA the harper union. after prime minister harper. so you got that dead on the money. so basicalley make this version of part 2. also India had too many cities after Jaipur got blown up it freed up space for calcutta and delhi and bombay (mumbai). id like jaipur's terrain tile to be transformed into a jungle. also the rules file needs editing casue terrain tiles should have been producing more food even im more generus then that you gave zero bonus and this is planet earth map it should have planet earth region bonus. atleast could have set food prodection to the regional level it was set at the county level. it needs to be on the state level this is earth region. other than that ,thats my general outline of how your world of 2021 should be.
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