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The Age of Basilius for ToT 2016-10-05

The Age of Basilius for ToT

  1. gapetit
    Masis Panos’s The Age of Basilius scenario for FW converted to Test of Time. In the year 963 Romanos II died leaving his two young sons, Basil II and Constantine VIII, to the protection of his generals Nikephoros Phokas and Ionnes Tzimiskes to act as their Regents until the eldest, Basil, was old enough to take the reigns of empire. Thus Basil II was overshadowed in his minority by the dazzling exploits of Nikephoros and Ionnes. He whould vow to out-do them in conquests. Yet before he could embark on his plans, he had to put down a massive military coup led by Bardas Phokas and Bardas Skleros...


    1. basilius_1_BHg.png