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The Ayyubids 2016-10-05

The Ayyubids

  1. Pouakai

    The Ayyubids - Saladin

    The Ayyubid dynasty was a sultanate centred in Cairo between the 12th and 14th centuries. At its peak, it rules swathes of North Africa and the Middle East, from Sana'a to Tunis to Damascus. The dynasty was founded by Saladin, a man known throughout the world at the time for not only his military prowess but also his chivalry and forgiveness. Such behaviour earnt him and the Ayyubids respect throughout Europe, despite being heathens and enemies in their eyes. The Ayyubid army featured a caste of soldiers borne from slaves, known as the Mamluk. These soldiers were feared, and ultimately were the death of the Ayyubid dynasty through revolution. The Ayyubids can be downloaded either from Steam Workshop
    The Ayyubids
    Amir al-Mu'minin - Receive free Mounted Units whenever a Great Prophet is born. These units earn Faith from kills, require no Horses and cost no Gold maintenance. Conquered cities immediately convert to your religion on capture.
    Unique Unit: Mamluk, replaces knight. Prevents enemy religious agents (Great Prophets and Missionaries) from converting a city whilst it is stationed inside. In addition, it also ignores terrain penalties when moving through desert and does not have a penalty when attacking cities.
    Unique Building: Madrasah, replaces University. Increases the science output of the city, and it's even more effective if the city is near to jungle tiles. The city must already have a Library in order to construct a Madrasah. It also provides additional Science equal to 10% of the Faith generated by the city, unlike the University which it replaces.


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