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The BUG Mod 2016-10-05

BTS Unaltered Gameplay, or BUG, is a modification code for Civilization IV: BTS. CIV is a very easy game to modify, but not all modifications are compatible with each other. In an effort to combines these many different Mods from the Civ community, into one concise program, the BUG Project was born.

BUG combines mods that do not change the basic game play of CIV, while adding flavor and ease of use. Some aspects that we feel are within this criteria are Advisor Screens, City View Screen, the Main View Screen, the Civopedia, as well as the way units may look but not the way they play. Also, aany addition or changes made, will not provide any information that cannot be figured out within the game itself.

Please visit our sub-forum for any questions you may have.
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