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The Buildings Modcomp 2016-10-05

The Buildings Modcomp

  1. Merkava120
    This is a very simple XML modcomp. It makes it so that some buildings can be built several times. I did this by adding copies of the buildings that are exactly the same, but may require another technology. For example, you can build another library if you research literature.

    All civilizations that have buildings that have replacements that have been copied (like England's Stock Exchange (bank)) have had their UB's copied as well. So now Egypt can build four obelisks, and England can build two stock exchanges. However, this unbalances things a bit. I hope to have an update soon that balances it out; but that might take a while, depending on how unbalanced it really is. (Just a guess, but the three civs that can start off building four UB monuments are probably in the really overpowered category.)

    Just a measly three files! Enjoy!


    1. civ4screenshot0011_90T.jpg