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The CivNET Killer Beta 3

A fan made program to unload CivNET assets after a crash by Greg Dunlap. Probably not required on modern systems but may still be needed if playing in a virtual machine with an old OS.

There is no official documentation however this information was in the About window:
The Civnet Killer was written after weeks and weeks of frustration
at having to reboot CivNet whenever it crashed or using Task Pro
to unload the DLLs one at a time. It was written by Greg Dunlap
(GDD on #civnet.) Rob Warmowski did the outrageously
appropriate icon. If you find this app useful (and you will!)
just drop me a line at and let me
know you're using it.

The Civnet Killer was written in half an hour using Borland's Delphi
1.0 for Windows.
First release
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