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The Desert and the Mountain 2016-10-05

The Desert and the Mountain

  1. Plotinus
    As the sirocco wind whistles over the endless sands of the Sahara and through the canyons of Abyssinia, great forces are on the move. Empires rise and fall like flowers in the desert. You must take the reigns of one of the great civilisations of sub-Saharan Africa and lead your people to greatness. Whether you choose to retreat to the mighty fortresses of the mountains, slaughter the infidels in a holy war upon the plains, or simply buy your way to immortality by monopolising the trade routes, is entirely up to you. But beware - for medieval Africa is a hostile land that does not forgive mistakes!

    Visit the scenario thread here for more information and reviews.

    Update - 20 October 2008

    This is version 1.5 of the scenario.


    Download the main folder above, unzip it, and put it in your CivilizationIII/Conquests/Scenarios folder. There should be six files going in this folder - a folder called Desert, and five files entitled Desert, Desert MP 1, Desert MP 2, Desert MP 3, and Desert MP 4.

    The Patch

    A patch that fixes a few problems (updated 15 March 2009). Download it here. Unzip this into your Scenarios folder. It will replace some of the files in the Desert folder.

    The Music

    As of 20 October 2008, this is the improved and expanded soundtrack for the scenario. As of 10 October 2010, it is a version that's been fixed by EDaddy and should work for everyone. It is optional but helps to add to the experience. Download it here and put it in the CivilizationIII/Conquests/Scenarios folder, allowing it to overwrite things. When done correctly, it should replace the music.txt file in Scenarios/Desert/Text and put a new folder called Sounds in Scenarios/Desert. Then crank up the speakers!


    1. desert8_C3r.jpg
    2. desert9_ZKp.jpg
    3. desert11_FR8.jpg
    4. desert3_X45.jpg
    5. desert4_F8Y.jpg
    6. desert12_j67.jpg
    7. desert5_4H8.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. rrsmleh
    Version: 2016-10-05
    The download link is still to the defunct atomicgamer, can you update it please? :)
  2. Synsensa
    Version: 2016-10-05
    Very nice scenario, I am downloading it now.
  3. MoMo19947
    Version: 2016-10-05
    I Have a pROMBLE wITH tHE Text of mesopotemia i think.