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The East Indies 2.12 2016-10-05

The East Indies 2.12

  1. CivLucas
    While the original colonization only has American leaders and civ's, The East Indies is a mod about the colonies in south-east asia and India. Offering 4 new Civ's, 8 new natives, 33 new leaders and 3 new tradable resources.

    Features: (2.12 updates are bold)
    - 8 Civilizations: France, Netherlands, England, Spain, Portugal, China, Denmark and Mughal - More information see Forum thread
    - Every Civilization has 3 new leaders (no more washington and such)
    - All with animated leaderheads, thanks to Ekmek, IgorS, Charle88 & The Capo
    - Natives: Papua, Ayutthaya, Toungoo, Malacca, Aceh, Champa, Brunei, Khmer
    - New background music. 1st era: Japanese & Chinese traditional music, 2nd era: music from the game 'Guild Wars: Factions'.
    - New Main Menu music, from the show 'Avatar'
    - Combined with Aymerick's Plantation Economy: introducing new improvements and resources
    - Combined with koma13's New Europe Screen
    - Renamed 3 traits to: Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim corresponding to the Native Religion.

    - Includes desktop shortcut in Dutch East Indies 2.12/Desktop Shortcut/Civilization IV Colonization - East Indies, just copypaste it to somewhere you like it.)

    The Mod is nearing completion, but the rest will take a while because of the holidays.

    Forum thread: