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The East Indies 2.17 2016-10-05

The East Indies 2.17

  1. CivLucas
    This version is not stable, it often crashes during the game. If you have any idea why this is so please tell me
    (I know it's because of the unique units but not exactly what's causing the trouble)

    While the original colonization only has American leaders and civ's, The East Indies is a mod about the colonies in South-East Asia and India. Offering 4 new Civ's, 15 new natives, 41 new leaders, 3 new tradable resources and uniqe ships for all colonist civ's

    Features: (2.17 updates are bold)
    - 8 Civilizations: France, Netherlands, England, Spain, Portugal, China, Denmark and Mughal - More information see Forum thread
    - Every Civilization has 3 new leaders (no more washington and such)
    - All leaders have animated leaderheads, thanks to Ekmek, MethylOrange, IgorS, Charle88 & The Capo
    - 16 Natives: Papua, Ayutthaya, Toungoo, Malacca, Aceh, Champa, Brunei, Khmer, Aborigines, Orissa, Bengal, Dai Viet, Lan Xang, Golkonda, Mysore & Sitawaka
    - New background music. 1st era: Japanese & Chinese traditional music, 2nd era: music from the game 'Guild Wars: Factions'.
    - New Main Menu music, from the tv-series 'Avatar'
    - Renamed 4 traits to: Buddhist, Hindu, Animist and Muslim corresponding to the Native's Religion.
    - Added 1 extra mapsize: Giant.
    - Added Asian and Arabian Citystyles for the natives
    - New Ships for al colonist civ's (see forum thread for more info)
    - New Buttons from the game: Europa Universalis III
    - New Flags and matching civ colors

    - Added the 'Australia', 'Earth', 'East Asia', 'East Indies - Giant', 'East Indies - Standard', 'India' and 'Philippines' maps of NeverMind
    - Combined with Aymerick's Plantation Economy: introducing new improvements and resources
    - Combined with koma13's New Europe Screen

    - Includes desktop shortcut in Dutch East Indies 2.15/Desktop Shortcut/Civilization IV Colonization - East Indies, just copypaste it to somewhere you like it.)

    Coming Up:
    - New Resources:
    • Papaver and Opium will be replacing Fur and Coats
    • Hennep and Rope will be replacing Tobacco and Cigars

    - Unit artstyles
    - Diplo Music for some civ's
    - Missing Text.
    - Founding Fathers: To replace all founding fathers myself would take a lot of time to think of them so if you have any ideas, post them in the forum. (Already halfway!)

    Forum thread: