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The Elder Scrolls Civilization V Pack (BNW) 2016-10-05

The Elder Scrolls Civilization V Pack (BNW)

  1. kingchris20
    Updated July 28

    This mod adds several elements from the Elder Scrolls Universe:
    • 13 Civilizations
    • 13 Religions
    • Numerous Pantheon, Follower, Founder, Enhancer, and Reformation Beliefs
    • 24 City-States
    • 3 Natural Wonders
    • Dwemer Ruins
    • TES Resources
    • TES Eras
    • Be the first to found the Elder Council and start down the path to becoming the Emperor of Tamriel!
    • Use the included Tamriel maps and start in True Start Locations Click *Load Scenario*, Adept Difficulty default (can be changed), 2 Huge Maps - one in standard speed and the other in marathon speed. 2 Standard Maps - one with all 13 civs and 16 City-States primed for war, and the other with the sovereign nations of Tamriel, 9 civs and 16 City-States
    *Couple of pointers: Trade Routes are essential, Haymon Camoran will irritate you, and most of all, don’t pick a fight with The Ayleids :)

    Download and Installation Instructions

    • Click "Download File"
    • Click "Open" or "Save"
    • Retrieve the .civ5mod file out of the zip
    • Place in your mods folder

    Open up Civilization V, click on Mods, Click Accept, now wait for a second and then look for The Elder Scrolls Civilization Pack to appear, click on the check mark next to it and make sure it lights up green to enable the mod, look at the bottom and click next. Now you will see it under Mods In Use, click Single Player (at top), Click Set Up game (at top), choose a civ, and click Start Game***

    Download Instructions for Mac users[/list] thanks AlanH


    • July 27, 2013 Update
      • Barbarians don’t exist in Tamriel, but Bandits do! Say hello to your new little friends!
      • Difficulty level names changed to fit TES
      • Month names changed to fit TES
      • Tamriel doesn’t have Giant Death Robots, but they do have Numidium!
      • Addition to Cyrodiil’s trait – Imperial Generals may start golden ages! Imperial Generals also have unique names.
      • 2 New maps, both Standard sized maps to reduce the drag on your PC. Number of city-states reduced to 16 in these maps.
        • 1st map is set for war! All 13 civs on the same standard-sized map! Should be interesting!
        • 2nd map is just for the Sovereign Empires of Tamriel. Orsinium, the Ayleids, Dwemereth, and Oblivion are removed from this map.
      • Dwemer now shun religion and follow themselves - “Dwemerism” :)
    • July 20, 2013 - Barbarians are back on the Map! (thanks to SamBC for enlightening me of the fix!)
    • Planned Updates – Great Works (Primarily writing, some art as well), re-naming of World Wonders, possibly another civ or two!
    • You must start a new game after updating - You likely will not be able to load your old save with the new version of the mod. So if you want to finish the game you are currently in, wait to update until after you are done and are ready to start a new game


    Spoiler :
    • Cyrus (Hammerfell)
      • Unique Ability: Persevering Warriors – Units always fight at full strength. Receive double :c5gold: from barbarian encampments and pillaging cities.
      • Unique Unit: Ra Gada Warrior – The Ra Gada Warrior is stronger than the Warrior, which it replaces. This unit gains a 50% increase in damage when attacking cities with its "Conqueror" promotion.
      • Unique Unit: Alik’r Warrior – The Alik'r Warrior is stronger than the swordsman, which it replaces. This unit's "Relentless" promotion gives it 1 extra :c5war: per turn and +20 health with each enemy killed.
    • Gortwog gro-Nagorm (Orsinium)
      • Unique Ability: Fighting Chance - 20% :c5strength: vs units from civs with more cities than Orsinium and from more literate civs than Orsinium. Orsinium stays alive even when last city has been captured. +2 :c5food: from pastures.
      • Unique Unit: Raging Berserker - The Raging Berserker is much stronger than the swordsman, which it replaces. Can attack twice.
      • Unique Building: Orc Stronghold - The Orc Stronghold replaces the castle and provides +9 :c5strength: and +35 extra :c5rangedstrength:.
    • Haymon Camoran (Valenwood)
      • Unique Ability: Intrinsically Naturistic - Free Archery. Pay double cost for road and railroad maintenance. +1 :c5faith: from unimproved Forest tiles. Units move through Forest and Jungle in friendly territory as if it is Road.
      • Unique Unit: Eplear Archer - The Eplear Archer is stronger than the Crossbowman, which it replaces.
      • Unique Building: Timber Clanhouse - The Timber Clanhouse is the Wood Elf palace and provides +1 :c5production: over typical palaces.
    • High King Emeric (High Rock)
      • Unique Ability: Merchant Lord - Double the number of available trade routes. Receives +2 :c5gold: for each Trade Route with a different civ or City-State. The Trade Route owners receive +2 :c5gold: for each Trade Route sent to High Rock.
      • Unique Unit: Battlemage - The Battlemage replaces the Pikeman. Gains the Battlemage promotion granting +15% :c5strength: against fortified and wounded units.
      • Unique Improvement: Merchant Outpost - A Merchant Outpost can only be built in a :c5citystate: lands, on a tile without a resource. It provides to you one copy of each Luxury Resource type that :c5citystate: has connected, regardless of your status with that :c5citystate:, but that copy cannot be traded. It also provides the same +50% defense bonus as a Fort. (Requires Civil Service)
    • Hlaalu Helseth (Morrowind)
      • Unique Ability: Assassination and Emancipation - All land units gain the Morag Tong promotion, giving them +10% :c5strength:. +6 :c5production: from Red Mountain if worked. 1 extra spy.
      • Unique Unit: Freed Slave - Freed Slaves replace the Archer, they may improve tiles just as a worker does.
      • Unique Building: Grand Council of Morrowind - +33% :c5greatperson: generation in this City. Contains 1 slot for a Great Work of Writing. When the Elder Council is founded, grants 2 additional delegates. Must have built a Monument in all Cities. The cost goes up the more cities there are in the empire. (Replaces the National Epic)
    • Keirgo (Elsweyr)
      • Unique Ability: Nimble Night Eye - Caravan range is doubled. +1 :c5moves: and +1 Sight for all land units.
      • Unique Building: Khajiit Caravan - The Khajiit Caravan replaces the Caravansary and provides +2 :c5happy:, doubles the range of Land Trade Routes originating from this city, and produces an additional 2 :c5gold: when connecting to another civilization.
      • Unique Building: Skooma Factory - The Skooma Factory replaces the Workshop, and provides extra :c5production: and :c5happy: for the city.
    • King Dumac (Dwemereth)
      • Unique Ability: Magecrafter - Capital City generates +2 :c5science:. Gain :c5greatperson: Great Scientists 50% faster upon researching Writing. Earn a free :c5greatperson: Great Engineer upon researching Masonry and Steam Power. Earn a free :c5greatperson: Great Scientist upon researching Astronomy.
      • Unique Unit: Explorer - Excellent at exploring and fearsome in combat, this Dwarven Unique Unit replaces the Scout. It possesses the Native Tongue that allows it to choose the benefit when uncovering one of their ancestor's Dwemer ruins.
      • Unique Unit: Airship - Replaces the Ironclad and carries other aircraft. Fight on land or sea.
    • Mehrunes Dagon (Oblivion)
      • Unique Ability: Malevolent and Overpowered - 30% :c5strength: bonus against city states. Capture double the gold from eliminating cities and encampments. 25% chance for barbarian encampments to join you. Units always fight at full strength.
      • Unique Unit: Dremora - The Dremora is stronger than the Longswordsman, which it replaces. Gains the Daedric Influence promotion making enemy units 15% weaker on attack and granting free pillage moves.
      • Unique Building: Sigil Tower - The Sigil Tower replaces the armory and provides 15 xp for all military units, 10% bonus to military :c5production: Production, and gain :c5greatperson: great generals 50% faster. Free Great General for building the Sigil Tower.
    • Queen Ayrenn (Summerset Isles)
      • Unique Ability: Hegemonic Force - Double tourism during :c5goldenage: Golden Ages. +2 :c5moves: for all naval units.
      • Unique Unit: Mageboat - The Mageboat is a ranged mage attack vessel that shoots magical fireballs, unlike the melee unit Trireme which it replaces.
      • Unique Building: Crystal Tower - The Crystal Tower is the Altmer Unique Building, replacing the Palace, and comes with a pre-filled Great Work of Art slot. (View of Summerset Isle) you can view it in the city-screen by clicking on it!
    • The An-Xileel (Argonia)
      • Unique Ability: Reptilian - Gain +2 :c5culture: from Marsh tiles. All land units gain the Reptilian promotion making them faster through rivers and marsh tiles. May embark water tiles immediately. +1 Sight while embarked.
      • Unique Unit: Shadowscale - The Shadowscale is stronger than the Longswordsman, which it replaces. This unit's Shadowscale promotion gives them +25% :c5strength: outside friendly lands. Remains invisible to enemies until in direct Line of Sight.
      • Unique Improvement: Hunter-Gatherer Camp - A Hunter-Gatherer Camp can only be built on jungle or forest tiles. It provides 1 additional :c5food: and :c5production: on these tiles.(Requires Trapping)
    • Tiber Septim (Cyrodiil)
      • Unique Ability: Voice of the Emperor - During a Golden Age, units recieve a 15% :c5strength: bonus. Land units earn points toward a :c5goldenage: for each enemy killed. Imperial Generals may start golden ages. (Imperial Generals also have unique names)
      • Unique Unit: Legionnaire - The Legionnaire is stronger than the Longswordsman, which it replaces.
      • Unique Unit : Mounted Diplomat - The Mounted Diplomat may conduct trade missions with city-states for :c5gold: and :c5influence:. Replaces the Knight.
    • Umaril the Unfeathered (The Ayleids)
      • Unique Ability: Daedric Magic - All land units gain the Welkynd Restoration promotion, allowing it to heal every turn and to heal completely if enemy is destroyed.
      • Unique Unit: Auroran - Replaces the Longswordsman. When inflicting more damage than received, the Auroran's Daedric Magic forces the enemy back a tile or inflicts more damage if the enemy cannot be moved back.
      • Unique Improvement: Ayleid Well - Ayleid Wells may not be built on hills. It may not be adjacent to another Ayleid Well. It provides +2 :c5science:. After the Architecture technology is researched it also provides +1 :c5culture:. (Requires Masonry)
    • Ysgramor (Skyrim)
      • Unique Ability: Night of Tears - Gain Great Generals 50% faster. Solitude may work tundra and snow tiles for :c5production: and :c5food:. Jorrvaskr grants double experience to units over the barracks.
      • Unique Unit: Stormcloak - Gains the Gift of Talos promotion, which grants combat bonuses on tundra, snow, and forest tiles. This unit partially heals if it kills an enemy unit.
      • Unique Unit: Dawnguard Crossbowman - The Dawnguard Crossbowman is stronger than the crossbowman, which it replaces.

    Requires the *Brave New World* and *Gods and Kings* expansions

    Tamriel Maps with True Start Locations

    Can't find the maps?
    If you don’t see the maps (they should appear first on your list of maps) - double check your Documents/My Games/Civ V/Mods/TES CIV V folder to ensure that the map files are in there, if they are, you will want to COPY both of them into Documents/My Games/Civ V/Maps folder.

    How to use the included Tamriel maps with true start locations
    1)Mods, 2)Accept, 3)Next, 4)Single Player, 5)Set Up Game, 6)Map Type, 7)Choose your Tamriel Map, 8) Click Load Scenario (make sure the check mark appears), 9)Start Game.

    After clicking on Load Scenario (found just below the name of the map) **Advanced Setup will darken, as this is supposed to happen.

    Due to an unresolved issue, Random Civilization is the only thing selectable, you will start as Cyrodiil after clicking *Start Game* --- If that is who you want to play as, go ahead, its all good from here......

    however, if you want to play as anyone else besides Cyrodiil
    • Go ahead and start the game with random civilization selected (you will start as Cyrodiil)
    • Then back out to the main menu
    • Once you get back to the set up game screen and click Load Scenario again, you will be able to choose any of the 13 civs from the mod!
    Not hard, but still a little bit of a hassle. **This only happens when first starting a new game, you can load you saved games normally without doing this!**

    Special thanks

    Jediravenclaw for creating the leader screens and Dawn of Man screens for Elsweyr, Orisinium, Morrowind, Valnewood, and High Rock!


    Click here for the Brave New World version of the Mod on Steam
    Click here for the Gods and Kings Version of the Mod on Steam
    Click here for the Vanilla version of the mod on Steam
    ModDB Homepage
    CivFanatics Forums Discussion Thread


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