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The End 2016-10-05

The End

  1. Userr
    The fall of USA marks the begining of the Dark Age at 4000 before the Christ return to Earth.The situation is critical in every world place:

    As I ve said USA has fallen because of an economic crisis that internaly destroyed the country. The last try of remain intact was the sell of Alaska to Canada , but wasnt enough. Mexico is facing two problems: the americans weapons at barbarian hands and the independence of Campeche, which conquered Central America and Florida, holding the Campechano Empire.

    The following south american period is unstable. Many dictactors started to come up. The south american eternal peace is no more after brazilian invasion of Uruguay and the war between UK and Argentina.

    Turkey is invading Europe by one side, the ocean by the other. This is the right time for the Illuminati Order take control. And they do it at Scandinavia. A terrorist nuclear attack had success at London making it an insignificant town.

    A new empire is rising. The union of Democracic Republic of Congo, Zambia and Tanzania was a great idea for those who compilled. Entire Africa has been conquested. But problems havent finished.

    Asia was the less changed at all, but 3 big changes have occuried: the division of Russia, the rise of Kurdistan and the formation of the Asian Confederacy. Israel, without foreign support because of its allies crisis, got attacked by many arabian countries leaded by Iran.

    Hmm, where is it? The only remaning island is the isolated Australia. Forgotten by the world and suffering from lack of resources and money. A coup d'etat turn it into a republic, that must fix its problems.

    To make things harder the aliens are invading Earth. The whole world is divised so wont be easy to take' em out. Another problem is the rising of oceans, it destroyed every Pacific island, and are filling Europe.

    ----------------------To play you will need FutureMod1.36--------------------------

    Thanks to
    Tholish for the mod
    marx&engles for the earth map 34 civs

    Well, hope you like
    Any tips are welcome



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