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The Falklands War (TFW) Part 1/2 2016-10-05

The Falklands War (TFW) Part 1/2

  1. Ares de Borg
    This scenario describes the purely military events of the war when Argentinia occupied the Falkland islands, a few cold islands East of Argentinia but British-owned.

    This scenario owes a lot to BeBro who did lots of graphics and planned to do that scenario first so it is dedicated to him. Of course he is NOT responsible for anything wrong in the scenario !

    This scenario was also largely inspired by the equivalent scenario for Civ2 by Academia. Thanks to him !

    This scenario is very different from my other works because it is purely military, has no tech-tree and a very limited map. The scenario does not last very long either. (50 turns max).

    Due to the limitations of C3C and the editor (no events for instance), some things might sound a bit strange but once the game is on its way it works fine.

    Link to thread.

    Note: This scenario was made by LouLong in 2006. You will need both files to play.

    Link to Part 2


    1. falklands01_QGF.jpg