'THE FIRST WORLD WAR' FW scenario converted for ToT

'THE FIRST WORLD WAR' FW scenario converted for ToT 2020-05-11

In the game of the Imperialism, Germany has the best army and United
Kingdom the best navy. Bismarck knew supporting good relationships
with everybody, but the new German Emperor, William II,made enemies of Russia and England.
At the end of XIX century and beginnig of XX, it created two antagonistic
blocks and their relantionships went worse and worse unitl 1914, when
the war unexpected broke out.
The murder of the Austrian throne´s heir by a terrorist provoked the
invasion of Serbia by Austrian troops and the war extended very quickly
along Europe.

* Russians, it isn't probably very difficult at the beggining and you
can expand your power in East Prussia or North Austria but you´ll
see what happend with the revollution of 1917, be carefull, je,je.
* Italy, at first isn´t in war, but it joined against Central Powers,
your army is old and very weak but your powerful enemy are Germans
because Austrian aren´t very strong.
*German, you are one of the protagonist, you have to expand your
domains in France, Low Countries, Russia and Rumania, and if the war
are going well, you can try to conquest England, Why not?.
*Austria, you aren't very strong but Germans are your allies and the
help you with its strong army. You can expand along the Balkans and
*Turkey, you have a few objetives, East Mediterranean isles, or some
parts of Russia and East Europe. Be carefull with Marmara sea.
*English, you are very powerfull and very safe in your island but
you have to help France if not want that Germany control Europe.
*French, you have a important army and if you stopped the Germans at
the beggining isn't very difficult support them.
*Neutrals, are the countries that didn´t fight in the war as Spain,
Swedem or Denmark ( don´t attcak them ), but there others nations
as Rumania, Greece or Serbia that you can conquer or they attack you.
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