The Garamantes (Brave New World) v. 73

The Garamantes (Brave New World)

  1. Tomatekh
    Adds the Garamantes to the base game.

    The Garamantes were a Saharan people who used an elaborate underground irrigation system and founded a prosperous Berber kingdom in the Fezzan area of modern day Libya. They were a local power in the Sahara between 500 BC and AD 500 and traded extensively, effectively controlling trans-Saharan trade with Roman-Carthage and Egypt and perhaps even the upper peoples of ancient West Africa. It is believed that the Taureg people are the modern descendants of the Garamantes.

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    - This civilization requires the Brave New World expansion.
    - Updates will most likely break saves. Do not update unless you are ready to start a new game.


    The Garamantes

    Leader: Djalla

    UA: Chariot Routes: Units ignore Terrain Costs when moving along land Trade Routes connected to your empire and start with +1 Movement if they begin their turn on such a Trade Route. Cities irrigate Fresh Water from Foggaras to adjacent tiles.

    UU: Replaces Scout. Double Movement in Desert. Can Explore Rival Territory. No Maintenance. (Unit max scales to map size).

    UI: Foggara: Available at Engineering. +3 Food. +1 Gold with Fertilizer. Acts as a source of Fresh Water. Only buildable on Desert Hill tiles.


    - Leader screen, icon, UU icon, DoM graphic by Janboruta
    - UI model, icon by Sukritact
    - Peace music by Andreas Waldetoft from Crusader Kings II, War music by Creative Assembly from Medieval II: Total War
    - UU graphic by JTitan.
    - DoM voiceover by Andrew Holt (Charlatan Alley)
    - All code and art otherwise not listed made by Tomatekh (primary author).



    Other modders, feel free to use this civ in any way you want but please give credit.


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