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The Hundred Years' War for Civ5 2016-10-05

The Hundred Years' War for Civ5

  1. Le Sage

    (Note: This mod is nowadays unplayable and broken due to the patches released after this was created. I cannot update it even if I wanted to either. I lost my project files in a computer crash earlier. I'm done with Civ5 though; modding and playing, so I won't even try to update this. I hope someone can at least use the maps I made for this mod. They were good. Le Sage, May 2011)

    Now at Version 9

    The Hundred Years' War (1337-1453) was a monumental Medieval conflict between France and England that ended in the dismount of the shining Knight in favour of well-armed infantry, and as such this era saw the end of the Middle Ages and the beginning of the modern age. The conflict involved some strong personalities on both sides; Edward III, the Black Prince, Bertrand du Guesclin, Charles V, King Henry V and Joan of Arc to name a few.

    The period saw massive technological, military and social changes which still make their mark on the Western World; massive rebellions against the established kingdoms, enormous outbreaks of disease and famine, grand battles with thousands of dead in rain of Longbow arrows, but also a lot of positive tendencies, like the establishment of France and England as nations, grand building projects, art and culture which flourished at the Royal Courts.

    This mod tries to recreate that exciting period in European History. Currently, there are six playable scenarios which depict different situations during the epic conflict. You can choose to begin the game in either 1360 at the time of the Treaty of Brétigny, or in 1415 when English king Henry invades northern France in an attempt to reestablish English supremacy. With v2 I've added the two scenarios 1337 The English Invasion and 1429 Jeanne d'Arc as well, and with v4 1356 The Battle of Poitiers and 1380 The Death of Charles V were added.

    This mod is flagged as Beta as it is my first mod for Civ5 and really just an experiment-area. The goal is to make a fully funtional and total conversion of Civ5 on the Hundred Years' War. All version releases are thoroughly tested and designed to be playable and gaming friendly, although this initial Beta-flag.

    Please submit comments and suggestions and general praise on the Discussion Thread.

    Installation and Playing

    1. Download the mod from CivFanatics and unzip to your MyGames/Sid Meier's Civilization 5/MODS folder.

    2. Start the game and choose Mods, and then activate The Hundred Years' War in the list of installed mods.

    3. Go into Game Setup. There you have to click the Maps and choose one of the scenarios (1337, 1356, 1360, 1380, 1415 or 1429). Be sure to tick the "Load Scenario" box right there beside the chosen scenario. Then you can choose to play as either England, France or Burgundy.

    4. Launch the Game and off you go to the Hundred Years' War!

    Thanks and Credits

    Credits for the Heavy Swordsman go to JayTheKiller. Thank you, Lemmy101 for the excellent Indiestone Tech Tree Editor!

    Le Sage, Oct-Nov 2010


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