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The Kingdom of Hyrule

Adds the Kingdom of Hyrule, led by Princess Zelda, to Civilization VI.

  1. decster584
    Adds the Kingdom of Hyrule, led by Princess Zelda, to Civilization VI. Hyrule is a culture, religion and early domination-focused Civ based around the Hero of Time and defending the homeland.

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    Leader Ability: Goddess's Harp:
    Zelda gains +2 Great Musician Points per turn.

    Civilization Ability: Sacred Stones: Precious metal and stone sources (Jade, Silver, Pearls, Gypsum and Diamonds) provide +3 Faith per turn when improved.

    Unique Improvement: Fairy Fountain: Provides +1 Culture and units standing on the tile for a full turn get completely healed. Grants an additional +1 Culture if build on or adjacent to a tile with forest. Can only be built by the Hero of Time.

    Unique Building: Temple of Time: Replaces Temple. Has 2 Great Works of Music slot and provides an additional +1 Great Musician Point per turn.

    Unique Unit: Hero of Time: Powerful Swordsman replacement with 55 base attack. Costs 6 GPT. You receive one for free at the beginning of every new era. Cannot be built, but can be purchased with a large amount of Faith.

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