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The Lord of the Rings 2019-04-29

Harlan Thompson's The Lord of the Rings scenario converted for Test of Time

  1. gapetit
    It is nearing the end of the Third Age: 3018 by Gondor reckoning, 1418 by Hobbitreckoning. The Great Years have begun. Sauron has slowly been gatheringoverwhelming forces and now he is ready to dominate Middle Earth. His forces are everywhere and practically no city is safe. His nearly indestructable Nazgul(Ringwraiths) have been seen again for the first time in many years. Furthermore,Mordor is allied with Harad in the South and Rhun in the East. Saruman sittingin Isengard is also threatening the peace of the world. Can the forces of goodrepresented by Gondor and its allies the Elves and Rohan defeat the larger forcesof evil? You only have until Sept. 1421, when the Keepers of the Rings set out over the Sea and the Third Age ends.