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The Lord of the Silver Skull 2016-10-05

The Lord of the Silver Skull

  1. Nicheal
    In the Lands of Cardaia
    the Sun is golden and brave
    who will be Lord of the Lands
    who will be dying Slave

    in the Lands of Cardaia
    where the Zrulocs grull
    who will fall to the Death
    who will become

    the Lord of the Silver Skull

    Version 1.6 // 31.3.2011

    7 Lords playable.

    -A great Test of Time Skin Set: Silver Skull Skin Set by Nicheal

    -80 great Unit Graphics

    -Great Unit Sounds

    -Fullsize 85 kb Events.txt

    -Excellent Terrain Walls

    Link to the Thread in Scenario League


    1. title_LHy.gif
    2. screenshot_4r6.jpg