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The Lost Wonders of Civilization 2016-10-05

This mod adds the 15 wonders from the previous Civilization games that were left out of Civ 4: Adam Smith's Trading Company, Copernicus' Observatory, J.S. Bach's Cathedral, Newton's University, Marco Polo's Embassy, Cure for Cancer, Longevity, King Richard's Crusade, Leonardo's Workshop, Women's Suffrage, Magellan's Voyage, Statue of Zeus, SETI Program, Mausoleum of Mausollos, Theory of Evolution. (Hoover Dam has also been created from the Three Gorges Dam.)

All wonders have their associated graphics and buttons implemented. Special recognition should go out to Chamaedrys, charly1977, hrochland and asioasioasio for various graphics which are used here, and to Frontbrecher for the original Lost Wonders Mod.

Now updated with more graphics and better balance.

King Richard's Crusade / Knights Templar
+ 1 gold from every state religion building, +25% production in city, + 50% GG emergence both inside and outside cultural borders
Obsolete with Steam Power

J.S. Bach's Cathedral
+ 2 happiness in every continental city, + 10 culture

Isaac Newton's College
+100% research, can turn 3 citizens into scientist, + 6 culture

Cure for Cancer
+ 4 happiness and + 2 health in every city, + 2 culture

+ 6 health in all cities

Copernicus' Observatory
+100% research, can turn 2 citizens into scientist, + 4 culture

Leonardo's Workshop
Free Golden Age, + 1 free engineer, Upgrade cost halved for units built in its city

Marco Polo's Embassy
+1 extra trade route in its city, enables all Economy civics, + 2 culture
Obsolete with Communism

Women's Suffrage
-25% war weariness in all cities, + 2 culture

Sun Tzu's War Academy
+ 2 XP points in all cities, + 25% great generals inside or outside borders, + 4 culture
Obsolete with Military Tradition

Magellan's Expedition
Free Navigation I to naval units built in its city, +50% trade income, + 2 naval experience, + 4 culture

Statue of Zeus
+100% military production, +2 free priests, +3 culture

Mausoleum of Halicarnassus
+ 3 happiness in its city, + 1 free artist, + 3 culture

Darwin's Voyage / Theory of Evolution
+ 2 free technologies

Adam Smith's Trading Company
+1 trade routes in all cities, + 1 commerce per specialist

SETI Program
Free laboratory in every city, +50% spaceship construction in its city

Hoover Dam
Provides hydro power to every city on the same continent.

The Statue of Liberty has also been changed so that now it can only be built in a coastal city.
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