The Mechanism of Great People

The Mechanism of Great People

  1. Lily_Lancer
    Civ 6 GP has a fixed cost per era. It only depends on the era of that GP, so all Modern Era GP cost the same, be it Artist, General or Scientist. There's only one factor that might change its cost.

    There's actually only one thing that changes the cost. If the world's average era is below of the first GP of a new era of a certain type, there's a fixed increase +30% in price. This increase is only applied on the first GP from that type of that era.

    For example, if you recruited all Great Merchants of the Renaissance Era, then the next will be of the Industrial Era (say, Adam Smith). If the world is still in the Renaissance Era, the increase will be applied for him, but not for the other 2 Great Merchants from Industrial. It'll be reapplied for the first Great merchant of the Modern Era again if the world didn't reach Modern in the mean time.

    Remember the increase is applied for each type separately; in our example, having recruited the first Great Merchant from Industrial won't help with the increase of the first Great Engineer from Industrial.

    Those costs are (the numbers in the parenthesis are the increased cost):
    • Classical Era: 60 (75)
    • Medieval Era: 120 (155)
    • Renaissance Era: 240 (310)
    • Industrial Era: 420 (545)
    • Modern Era: 660 (855)
    • Atomic Era: 960 (1245)
    • Information Era: 1320 (1715)
    Some notes besides the actual cost:
    • All games have by default all Great People available.
    • When GP era advances all GP from previous eras are forfeit, except the current one (the one that appears when you open the GP window). After you recruit the current GP, the next one will be the first of the current GP era.
    1: World Era= An era that More than 50% (current existing) Civs have entered
    2: GP Era=World Era+1

    So the best way for an SV is to eliminate the low-pace civs while remains 2 opponents with the fastest tech/culture pace. Either of them entering Modern will help you ignore those modern GSs(2,000 GP point), while either of them entering Atomic saves you 3,000 GP point from Atomic GSs.
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