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The Middle East 2016-10-05

The Middle East

  1. BionicZero
    Size: 80x80, no world wrap.
    Random goodies.
    Random resources.
    No pre-set Civs.

    It's a fairly straightfoward idea, but it feels like the Arab lands don't get enough love sometimes. We've got here a wide-reaching map of the central Muslim world, not covering quite as much as the great Middle East map from Civ IV's "Sword of Islam" mod, if you remember that one, without much of North Africa, Hindustan, or any of the Pacific Islands, but with plenty of room inside to explore the region's history - from Graeco-Persian wars to the Abbasid-Fatamid conflicts to the spread of the Ottoman Empire. Greece itself, unfortunately, is a bit under-represented, but the Levant has been slightly upsized to make room for all those immensely-important cities of old and to faliciate any Crusader aspirations one might want to play out. The Nile and Mesopotamia valleys were done largely with floodplains - I never understood the point of making the area around them just grassland, as some maps do, as it essentially deprives the area of any benefits that would help fight off the surrounding desert poenalties. Hedjaz and the Levant were also made slightly more nutrient-rich because of their cultural importance, so as to assure the cities there get strong.

    The map doesn't have any pre-set Civs, but has 20 (or so; I forgot to count) starting locations for random players at the points of capitals and major cities of the region.


    1. middle_east_JE5.png
    2. sinai_P26.png
    3. lake_tiberias_45e.png
    4. aegean_LwZ.png
    5. caucasus_q1b.png