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The Monstrocity - Marathon edition 1.00

Quick note: This modification uses the Mostrosity map (download here)

Discussion thread:

I don't like the time it takes buildings to be completed, techs to be researched, defensive units that can attack, no serious usage of artillery, etc.

So, this mini mod, which is based on The Monstrosity map, make the following changes:

- Max turns have increased to 7000
- Tech cost is increased by 5
- Building cost is increased by 5
- Unit cost is increased by 5
- Regular experienced units have 3 hit points, Veteran 5 and Elite 7
- Defensive units have double defensive points
- Offensive units have more hit points bonus depending the Era: Ancient times +1, Middle ages +2, Industrial Ages +3, Modern Times +4
- All Ancient and Middle ages offensive units capture a slave
- Offensive units decreased their defense by half (approximately)
- Artillery, aircrafts and ships has 50% more range bombardment
- 2 - 6 times more the benefit of resources: bonus resources x2, luxury resources x4 and strategic resources x6
- Defensive bonuses: Towns, Cities and Metropolis have +300, hills have +75 and mountains +150
- Terraforming takes 5 times more
- Terraforming gives more bonuses: grassland +2 food, hills +2, mountains +4, flood plain +4
- Food consumption per citizen: 3
- Culture takes 2-4 times more cultural points to expand your borders, but cultural buildings also give double the cultural points.
- Only 1 difficulty setting: Equality. And its a true equal battle between the player and AI because the only advantage the AI takes is the production bonus, which is doubled (setting 5).
- New units: Slave (you get a slave only when you enslave an enemy), engineer (upgrade of the worker), super carrier (upgrade of carrier, expand unit capacity to 24) and naval missile (can be carried on ships, experimental and not fully tested).
- Bonus +4 settlers at the beginning of the game
- No pollution from buildings and population. Mass transit building gives happy faces and hospital also eliminates population polution.

Why I did these adjustments you ask?

The answer is simple: The game runs too fast. When I research horseman and by the time I build enough of them, I have already researched knights or cavalry.
You cannot develop a strategy for your enemies to go to war. Just build something and send it to the battle. No tactics, no plan, no fear of getting attacked or losing your cities.

This gameplay gives enough time to invest on your units knowing that an upgraded unit will be available much later.

Artillery is important here. Don't go to war without artillery support. You can win some battles, but the cost on your units will be severe and when you will be counter attacked by the allies of your enemy, you will loose vigorously.

All in all, you have to thing twice before wasting your units to useless battles. Pick your battles, start planning and go win the war city by city.

I hope I give another point of view gameplay wise.
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