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The monstrosity 2.0 beta1

Yo people, this is my first mod I ever published.

Discussion thread:

The size of the map is 500x262.

There are no poles and little tundra tiles.

I stretched everything horizontally except Asia.

Asia is a huge place and have enough room for the people there.

I doubled the size of Europe horizontally and vertically. That is actually 4 times the original size of Europe.

Now Spain can have 10-12 cities, France 12-14, Germany a lot more depending who will fight.

Russia and Scandinavia have a lot of room for even more cities to build.

Mediterranean sea has at least doubled.

Now its actually interesting to see how Rome, Greece and Ottomans (or Byzantines) will behave.

Rome can have 5-7 cities, Greece 3-5 and Ottomans 10-12.

Island nations has at least 3 times the original size.

England and Japan are nations that worth playing and very competitive and strong civs.

Since I made a lot bigger Europe, Africa had to pay the price. But when stretching everything horizontally, Africa does not pay a huge price for Europes expansion.

The Sahara desert vertically is the same as other maps, but horizontally is about doubled.

The starting locations are not historically precisely placed. This is for gameplay reasons so they have enough room to expand.

I used RRAR 180x180 map for resource placement.

I think I have placed too few resources so, in the next few days I will provide and update since I will also take into account Rye giant concept map 256x256 and Fold earth map 360x362.

Since I am huge fan of RRAR mod, in a couple of weeks and after play testing this map and make a few revisions, I will port this map for RRAR mod.

I also have some interesting gameplay changes for marathon plays (50+ hours long) and I will publish this same map with these changes integrated.
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  1. Many terrain improvements and fixes, mountains and rivers are way off

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  2. Minor resource allocations

    Nothing serious yet, some minor resource additions and some terrain improvements.
  3. Fix for Hittites

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  4. Fixes ... more fixes

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  5. Small fix

    This is embarrassing for me ... really. I fixed the second starting location for Celts. Now...
  6. Few fixes and errors

    Starting locations are fixed. Europe has more bonus resources. West Europe has more space.

Latest reviews

Wow. this is FANTASTIC cant believe I just found this!!!!
Thanks for your kind words.
It is an excellent world map, with a lot of potential for modding. I just need to figure out how to move the original Test of Time units to it. I already have Pounder's Resources pack in use for it.
Thank you for your kind words. When I finish the map, I will provide some info on how to make compatible this map with your favorite mod. I will personally make a compatible version with RRAR and I will document the procedure.
{insert "grinning" emoji here}
Grinning is smiling face (I think) so, I hope you liked the map. Thanks.
Excellent map, the best world map
Thank you for your kind words. This is an initial version and after a few revisions it will be even better.

PS: keep your PC watercooled because this map will destroy your cpu :D
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