The Multiverse Modpack / Scenario (ToT)

The Multiverse Modpack / Scenario (ToT) 1.0

@Kestrel 's excellent Multiverse modpack / scenario for Test of Time.

Original description below taken from his lost website:

-> The "Multiverse" Modpack / Scenario

Features - 4 maps - Earth , Undersea, Ancient World, Barren World.

As well as : More Old or Ancient Units

Ambassador, Longbowmen, Swordsmen, People's Militia, Battering Ram,
Bombard, Siege Engine, Mounted Legion, Longboat

And also : Many new Modern Units

U-Boat, Reservists, Infantrymen, Civil Defense, Bicycle Troops, Machine-Gun Grp, Modern Infantry,
Scouts, Transceratops, Adv Battle Tank, Recon Unit, Naval Artillery, Mortar Unit, Dreadnought,
Hovercraft, Clipper, Zeppelin, Biplane, Jet Fighter, Jet Bomber

Dimensional Portals can be built to enable transit from the Earth to 2 other very different worlds

Earth :
The planet in this game called Earth is very similar to our Earth,
but the shape and placement of the islands and continents is very different.

In this game Earth also has an Undersea Zone - a "Deep Ocean" realm for covert Submarine operations.
The modern submarine (but not U-Boats) can travel between Sea Surface and the Deep Ocean,
submerging and surfacing at will, provided that the Sub is not in shallow water over the
continental shelf. Subs can thus escape attack from surface naval units or air units.
Subs can also carry Missiles so as to lie in wait in the deep ocean trenches waiting to
surface to attack enemy targets at an opportune time. Note that unlike the modern sub,
U-Boats can only skim under the surface of the sea, they cannot 'dive' into the deep ocean.

Barren World :
Food is scarce in the Barren World. However it is very resource rich.
To build cities successfully here you will need to build your cities
on Bare Rock tiles, near Sludge Mites and Spore Clumps. Set up food
trade routes from your Earth base cities. Irrigate any surrounding bare rock.

Ancient World :
Internal combustion engines do not work in the Ancient World.
You will be forced to rely on less powerful, slower units and to employ
differing tactics to those that are effective on our Earth in order to
conquer the other groups.

Note that the 3 alternate worlds are geographically similar, but not identical.

To Win - Conquer the other 6 civilisations which are scattered across the various alternate worlds.

You can either start out in the modern world and attempt to discover InterDimensional Portal
Technology in order to reach the other alternate worlds or you can choose to play as
the Indigenes or the Norsemen on one of the Alternate Worlds, build and develop your
Civilisation there and wait for the other Civs to invade from an alternate dimension.
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