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The Mundana Scenario 2019-11-17

ToT Scenario Conversion

  1. gapetit
    This is a scenario based on the world of the Role-playing game EON, made by NeoGames. It is made by Joel André and Alexander Walker for Civilization v 2.78 (Fantastic worlds). Conversion to TOT and changes by Gapetit.
    The year is 2967-After Daak. It is a time of great unrest.
    War has again erupted between Jargien and Mûhad, a war destined to continue until one of their civilizations has been reduced to smoldering ruins.
    Tensions grow between the great nations of Thalamur, Consaber and the cirefalian commonwealth. And full-scale war being always, but a small misunderstanding away.
    The smaller nations on the Asharian peninsula is feeling forced to turn to each other for protection and has formed a frail alliance, placing Anstir Tyldon in, the very unstable, position of leading the alliance.
    The small kingdom of Drunok stands alone in a very weak position, and must rely on its good relations with its bigger neighbours in order to survive.