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The Mushroom Kingdom 2016-10-05

The Mushroom Kingdom

  1. Mog1255
    Adds the Mushroom Kingdom as a playable civilization. Requires the Gods and Kings expansion to play.

    UU: Toad, replaces the Scout. Moves up to 3 tiles per turn, ignores terrain costs like a Scout, and more importantly, always gives you better results when scouting Ancient Ruins (goodie huts) like Scouts. This is noticably better on harder difficulties, where Ancient Ruins have considerably higher chances to spawn Barbarians. Used specifically for exploring Ancient Ruins and finding City-States quickly so you can get a good idea on how to expand to those more desirable City-States. The extra coins will help, too, if you beat other civs to the City-States.

    UB: Master-Crafted Plumbing. Replaces the Aqueduct, and provides an additional +10% of Food carried over when a new Citizen is born. Due to the large amounts of resources it takes to make all those giant pipes, it takes 25% longer to build than an Aqueduct. Though growth buildings like the Aqueduct are more key to civs that build tall, ones that build wide still benefit greatly from the rapid growth. Since it is more costly to build, it should yield a better price when sold as well, in cities where growth is no longer needed because they're at max size.

    Leader (and Trait): Princess Peach Toadstool ("It's-a me! Mario!"). +33% bonus to Food, Culture and Faith given by Friendly City-States, Influence degrades at 25% less than normal, increases give 50% more Influence. Even though Mario is a Brooklyn-born plumber and technically not a member of The Mushroom Kingdom, he is certainly The Mushroom Kingdom's, and many other kingdoms', hero and easily the most recognizable figure in the game worlds, and in real gaming in general. Throughout all of Mario's adventures, the chances of him of before helping any given group of people, even if at first hostile, are pretty high, and often times Princess Peach is right alongside helping to save the day. Princess Peach is incredibly good-natured and forgiving, often uniting with former enemies, like Bowser, and putting aside their differences for the greater good.

    Strategy and AI behavior: As would be expected, Princess Peach is incredibly nice, and will happily trade and ally with you. She's even quite forgiving as an AI player, and will try to expand and get as many city-state allies as she can for a Diplomatic victory. Typically she won't be someone you see and think that war is imminent, and she should never even build the Manhattan Project as AI. As a player-controlled Civ you'll want to get as many City-States allied with you as possible, and build a large, peaceful kingdom. Play economically and defensively for the best shot at victory. Depending on the City-State types available, Scientific or Cultural victories are not bad options if Diplomatic isn't going so well. Try to always keep tabs on what is happening away from the homefront as well, as advanced knowledge of troop movements can buy time to bolster defenses.

    The Mushroom Kingdom is #3 thus far in my Civ pack, and was a tricky one to make. There's easily a dozen other ways to mix up the uniques, and you could even make several more civs just from Mario characters, but I felt this was appropriate for what other civs I have in mind. My first thoughts were to have Toad Spearmen and Yoshi Cavalry, but then that's basically another Greece/Siam entirely. I have a fear, as I always do, that the leader trait is a bit strong and will need a change, but there's a lot of different ways things can pan out. It largely depends on how you set up your City-State settings at the start of the match, and then luck starting near some good ones.

    As always, feedback is welcomed and constructive criticism always appreciated. Thanks! FF6 stuff coming next!

    All pictures and icons used are not owned by me and all Mario and Mushroom Kingdom related materials are owned by Nintendo.