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The New World: Europe to America Map 2016-10-05

his is a 156x262 map of North and South America, Western Europe and West Africa.

Like my 190x190 Europe Map, this one is another conversion of an existing map. El Mencey's 362x325 map to be exact and give credit.

NOTE: The Continents look compressed in the mini-map, but as you know, this is due to having the mini map always forming a rectangle. This I think it gives the Mini-map the look of 1500th century charts which adds a little to the type of scenarios that this map is intended for.

Anyway, I never liked the map used in the Age of Discovery scenario that came with C3C.

It seemed too small to represent the vastness that North and South America offered to the early European exploreres and colonists.

This map is much, much larger than the original Age of Discovery map. I think it really gives a sense of vastness that the other didn't offer.

For example, it takes ships alot longer to reach North And South America and rounding cape horn should truly give you the same sense of accomplishment that Megellan and Drake must of had......Well maybe not but you get the idea. Plus it also gives European Civs alot more room to move around and develope.
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