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The No More Civilian Traffic Jams (NMCTJs) Mod (v 2016-10-05

The No More Civilian Traffic Jams (NMCTJs) Mod (v

  1. Pazyryk
    Requires BNW.

    Breaks 1-unit-per-tile for civilians. Hassle-free movement of civilians among foreign units and cities.

    If you're a big fan of driving your workers off-road to get around other civ's units, or driving your missionaries around AI units trying to find an opening, then this mod is not for you. The mod also ruins various blocking exploits against AI players, like sitting on archaeological digs or using open borders to stunt their tile development. Folks who can enjoy the game without these particular micromanagement/exploit features should like the mod.

    The mod changes only the Dll, so should be compatible with any UI-only mod and most XML/SQL/Lua mods, but not other Dll mods.

    See mod thread here for details.

    Download and "Extract Here" inside your MODS folder.