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The Powhatan Confederacy 1

Add the Powhatan Confederacy to the game as a new Civilazation under the leadership of Chief Wahunse

  1. MayorS
    UA: Tsenacommacah
    +1 Food from forest and marsh tiles. Gain tribute in the capital in the form of Food and Gold from every Puppet Cities in the Empire.

    UU: Weroance
    The Powhatan unique replacement for the Great General. When garrisoned in an annexed city, increases Defence of that city. When garrisoned in a puppet city increase the tribute from that city to the capital.

    UB: Council Fire
    The Powhatan unique replacement for the Courthouse. May be built in any city. Eliminates extra Unhappiness Unhappiness in Occupied cities. Gain some tribute from Puppet Cities in the form of Food and Culture. A Weroance appears near the Capital after the first Council Fire is built.


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