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The Ransom Mod v1.2 (BTS 3.19) 2016-10-05

The Ransom Mod v1.2 (BTS 3.19)

  1. stolenrays
    The Ransom Mod v1.2 (BTS 3.19)

    This small modcomp makes it so that when Barbarians capture a city, they ransom the owners to get the city back.

    -Barbarians will Ransom captured cities for :gold: if you can pay.
    -Ransom Gold Amount based on Wonders, Population, & Buildings in the city.
    -You may refuse the ransom and then the barbarians simply take/raze the city.
    -Message alerts you to barbarians leaving the vicinity.
    -Barbarian Ransoming probability scales for Difficulty.
    -Barbarian City Defense Modifier scales for Difficulty.

    -------For Modmakers-------
    -GlobalDefines.xml entries for ransoming based on Wonders, Population, & Buildings along with another one for a Base Barbarian City Defense Modifier.
    -Changed C++ files are included
    -SDK Changes are commented as Ransom Mod

    -------Version 1.1-----------
    -Checkbox option

    -------Version 1.1-----------
    -GLobalDefines Ransom Gold per Captial City & Holy City Added
    -Concept Text added
    -Readme & Changelog Text added

    -------Version 1.0-----------
    -Standalone Ported from Conquerer's Delight/Test of Time

    Credits go to DPII. I took the code out of his mods and playtested it to get it working.



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