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The Russian Revolution for ToT 2018-08-15

The Russian Revolution for ToT

  1. gapetit
    Chris Daub and Petit’s The Russian Revolution scenario for FW converted to Test of Time. In October 1917 he broke the most important social revolution and would give the most radical change to the hopes of the working class worldwide. Soon civil war will break out in Russia, with the counterrevolutionary bands (called White) and financially supported by the military major capitalist powers, reaching the result direct intervention of the Entente countries in various fronts of the Soviet Union ... Your mission is to defeat the Whites, and interventional ensure the maintenance of the first Republic of Soviets of workers, soldiers and peasants of the world. For this you must occupy all the cities you can on a first time: you will get troops that will allow you to keep the effort. But be careful and Fortificate! do not you expand more than they should, because you will suffer severe attacks of counterrevolutionaries. You must defeat the enemy army, plagues, famines ... Resists and thinks the people and history are in your favor. Get new resources, weapons and builds.
    Scenario in Spanish


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