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The Saxons (Widukind) 1.0

Adds The Saxons under the fierce Widukind to the game.

  1. Porkenstein
    The Saxons under Widukind are a defensive civ with high faith yields while their cities are defended from foreign religious influence. In the early Medieval Era they gain a military advantage with the Degan and a religious bonus with the Irminsul that compliments their defensive bonuses. To benefit from the faith and attrition, Saxon cities are best founded in great forests. The Rondel improvement is situational, but can provide help in founding an early religion with some science bonuses. Later in the game, the Saxons gain easy access to Artifacts if they built Rondels.

    UA - Stellinga:

    Units of unfriendly followers and founders of foreign Religions take damage when moving though your forests. Triple Resistance when your cities are captured. Can build Rondel improvements until the Medieval Era.

    UB - Irminsul:

    Saxon replacement for the Temple. +1 Happiness, forests worked by the city yield +1 Faith while the city does not follow a foreign religion.

    UI - Rondel

    Saxon unique improvement. Yields +1 Science and +1 Faith before the Medieval Era and requires no prerequisite technology. Can only be built until the the Medieval Era. Rondels in your empire when entering the Medieval Era each have a 50% chance of creating an artifact (up to 10 in total).

    UU - Degan:

    Saxon Longswordsman. Unlocked with Metal Casting and starts with a promotion that deals +25% attacking damage to units in your territory.

    Supported Mods:
    - Bingle's Civ IV Leader Traits
    - BrutalSamurai's Ethnic Units
    - Gedemon's R.E.D.
    - Hazel's Map Labels
    - Tomatekh's Historical Religions

    Thanks to JFD for coding references, JFOliveras and Adrián Scolari for art.


    1. SaxonsCover3.png