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The Silmarillion 2016-10-05

The Silmarillion

  1. Nicheal
    And in the Lands of Beleriand
    the Lands of the Elves and Pain
    as the Dark Lord rises and
    conquers like a damned Flame again

    there fight the Noldor and
    there fight the Powers of Light
    to fight back the Silmaril
    but is there any Hope?

    There might...

    Version 1.2 // 6.10.2011

    -The Beleriand Map is 120 x 240
    (it is a two Map Scenario with Beleriand and Underearth)

    -All seven Empires playable
    Orcs (Morgoth), Noldor (Fingolfin), Gondolins (Turgon),
    Nargothronds (Finrod Felagund), Sindar (Thingol), Edain (Hurin), Dwarves (Azaghal)

    -The Elves/Edain/Dwarves Events.txt is 90.4 kb

    -The Morgoth Events.txt is 90.6 kb uuuuuuu!

    -The Units are created by me, and as i ever do:
    I ´patchwork´ out of Catfishs or Fairlines existing Units my own Units
    by using Arms and Legs and Clothes and Helmets...
    and a Graphic Program to recolour all that Stuff.
    I could ask Fairline like Sibling does, but i got no Answer,
    and it is better anyway -i think- there is another Unit Graphic Designer
    (Patchwork Artist) like me to get another Styles, hu?

    -You will need the CIV2Unlimited .EXE and .DLL to get all these
    Morgoth Hordes Cheates which you cannot defeat, harr!
    (that two Files are included and a nice Batch File)

    -O yes. And there are seven Skins for free choose

    -O yes yes yo. And the Space Ship Game is included in Scenario

    Version 1.3 // 9.10.2012

    -64bit Batchfile created

    Link to the Thread in Scenario League


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