The Sioux (Brave New World) v. 32

The Sioux (Brave New World)

  1. Tomatekh
    Adds the Sioux to the base game.

    The Sioux are a Native American people in North America, traditionally belonging to the Great Sioux Nation or Seven Council Fires. They can be subdivided into three major divisions based on dialect and culture: the Santee, the Yankton-Yanktonai, and the Lakota. As each of the Council Fires adapted to different Plains environments, their lifestyles changed and diverged from one another. Yet they maintained their political, economic, and social ties through intermarriage, trade, religious ceremonies, communal hunting, and military alliances. They are perhaps best known today through the image of the Lakota hunting Buffalo across the Great Plains and as a symbol of native resitance to U.S. westward expansion. They first came into contact with Europeans during the 17th century, which would begin a series of conflicts as European settlers continued to push west onto Sioux lands. After three major wars and numerous other skirmishes, the battle of Wounded Knee in December 1890 marked the end of Sioux resistance as hundreds of Sioux men, women, and children were massacred by US troops. Today, the majority of the Sioux live at the 2,782 square mile Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.

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    - This civilization requires the Brave New World expansion.
    - Updates will most likely break saves. Do not update unless you are ready to start a new game.


    Leader: Sitting Bull

    UA: Great Buffalo Hunt: Starting with your second City, settling near Plains Tiles will spawn a Bison Resource. Bison in Sioux territory may no longer be improved but instead provide a large base yield (increased at Chivalry) and periodically roam throughout the map.*

    UU: Strong Heart: Replaces Knight. Can receive defensive bonuses. +25% vs gunpowder units. The first Strong Heart trained will also act as a Great General, providing a combat bonus to nearby land units. If this unit is killed the bonus transfers to another random Strong Heart warrior.

    UI: Available at Trapping. +1 Food. +1 Food after Horseback Riding. +1 Culture after Chivalry. May move City Population.** Requires Flatland Plains tiles. May not be built adjacent to another Tipi or on Resource tiles. Cannot be captured unless pillaged.

    * Must settle on or adjacent to Plains Tiles. The resource moves to a random adjacent tile every 9, 12, 15, 24th turn on Quick, Standard, Epic, Marathon game speeds, respectively.

    ** If built near a City near which Bison/Wild Bison are also present, you have the option to move 1 Population from your largest City to the Tipi City.


    - Leader scene and leader and UU icons by Janboruta.
    - Tipi and Bison graphics and icons taken from the Firaxis "Conquest of the New World Deluxe" scenario.
    - Strong Heart graphic converted by Wolfdog, originally made for Civ IV by bernie14.
    - DoM voiceover by Andrew Holt (Charlatan Alley)
    - Peace and war music taken from the "Into the West: Original Soundtrack" by Geoff Zanelli, copyright 2013 La La Land Records. Leader ambiance: "Sitting Bull's Memorial Song" by Lakota Thunder, copyright 2000 Makoché Music/BMI.
    - Promotion Wild Bison icons by Sukritact.
    - Sukritact (random resource placement), JFD (interface/popups), and LastSword (troubleshooting) for various parts of the lua code as well as code samples.
    - JFD for SQL help.
    - Leugi for general help and ideas.
    - All code and art otherwise not listed created by Tomatekh (primary author).


    Mod Support:
    - Supports Historical Religions, Ethnic Units, Expanded Civlopedia, YnAEMP, Civ IV Leader Traits, Unique Cultural Influence, Map Labels, Events & Decisions, Piety & Prestige, Cultural Diversity



    Other modders, feel free to use this civ in any way you want but please give credit.


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