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"The Spanish Odyssey v2.0” by Jesús Muñoz Fernández. converted for ToT and ToTPP 2020-06-30

"The Spanish Odyssey v2.0” with updated graphics and ToTPP compatible

  1. tootall_2012
    “"I think that land is the Paradise on Earth... we would not have arrived in there if not for the Divine Providence"

    - Christopher Columbus

    When Columbus landed on America, Spain began the exploration and conquest of this new continent. With only a few brave soldiers, Spain conquered more territories in one century than Rome in all of her history. Now you have to be one of these conquistadors and carry the Spanish culture, religion, army and law to the new lands.”

    The original scenario can be found on the Scenario League Website here.

    This is a great little scenario which I’ve enjoyed playing in the past. Though all powers are technically playable it was really designed to be played as the Spanish only.

    The scenario has been made compatible to run on Test of Time and TheNamelessOne’s ToTPP (which includes the following features NoStackKills, CityPopulationLossAttack, CityPopulationLossCapture and NoIncrementalRushBuy,).

    If you wish to play a native power simply comment out the “PlayableTribes, 0b00010000” line in the @cosmic2 section.

    A number of units in the rules file utilized the same name so a few naming changes were made to the rules and events files to avoid some of the confusion that could create.

    Because the ToTPP “MovementMultipliers” is used, the 2 Spanish “Columbus” and “Caravel” units each start with an extra fraction of a movement point on the first turn only.

    Finally, the unit, terrain and many of the icons graphics have been updated.

    Otherwise, the scenario plays and remains exactly the same as the original.


    Civilization 2: Test of Time 1.1
    ToTPP v0.131 (or higher) which can be found here.


    Extract the archive into your main Test of Time folder


    1. Odyssey_screen_1.png
    2. Odyssey_screen_2.png