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The Tarascans: The Forgotten Empire 2016-10-05

The Tarascans were a powerful Empire in mexico with borders to the north west of the Aztecs. They came from an area outside Mexico and it is said their language and masonry are very similiar to the Incans. The Tarascans arrived in a region of Mexico and formed their empire by using diplomacy with the tribes already in the region, and marked contrast with other Pre-Columbian Mexican empires.

It is said their culture was different than any other in the region.

Leader: Tariacuri

Unique Unit: Chichimec(replaces Maceman), receives a small bonus to defense in cities or on hills.

Unique Building: Yacata(replaces Courthouse), in addition to being cheaper and coming with Masonry instead of Code of Laws, Yacatas give your city two bonus trade routes. The pyramid temples of the Tarascans were round instead of square like the Aztecs, Mayans and other Mesoamerican people. This building represents one of those temple pyramids.
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