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The Third World War 1989 Version 3, DEC 2017

The Third World War 1989

  1. AnthonyBoscia
    East and West unleash their full military might in a savage fight for control of the globe. Lead your forces on land, sea, and in the air while exploiting the international diplomatic situation to seize ultimate victory. But beware...you are only the push of a button away from a thermonuclear holocaust!

    Link to thread.

    Special thanks to Civinator and the folks at Civforum.de, who are graciously hosting the mod since the closing of Atomic Gamer.


    1. title_aaR.png
    2. banner_1_WI1.png
    3. banner_2_uq5.png
    4. banner_3_x27.png
    5. banner_4_Lc9.png
    6. banner_5_YSR.png
    7. leaderheads_S19.png
    8. map_Lep.png
    9. divisions_opl.png
    10. world_revolution_x90.png
    11. mobilization_3mS.png
    12. diplomacy_34v.png
    13. global_events_hI7.png
    14. soldiers_T9A.png
    15. troops_j9Z.png
    16. troops_2_psY.png
    17. units_1_53Q.png
    18. units_2_542.png
    19. units_3_r8S.png
    20. units_4_Ewn.png
    21. 1989_pIr.png
    22. central_europe_V56.png
    23. east_coast_4Xv.png
    24. civilopedia__2_4k8.png
    25. wonders_1YQ.png
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  1. Wolfhart
    Version: Version 3, DEC 2017
    Turning excellence into epic awesomeness!