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The World of Fairy Tale Map 2016-10-05

The World of Fairy Tale Map

  1. Le Sage
    A pre-made map for Civilization V


    This is a Beta of a map of the World of Fairy Tale as seen in the mod Fairy Tale for Civilization 4. It will probably get many more updates in the future. This is NOT a fully functioning mod as yet, but rather just a map-file which lets you play Civilization from the Dawn of Man to the Space Race on the Fairy Tale map. It is a preview of Fairy Tale 2, which will also be released for Civ5 (Look out for first unimpressive versions by November 2010 if all goes well).

    Resources are hand-placed to reflect the situation in the Fairy Tale mod for Civ4. City States have been renamed, but the success of that operation wasn't really satisfactory, and North Angleeye will probably show up as Oslo still until Firaxis gets that fixed. All the proper nations have been renamed and their starting cities have proper Fairy Tale mod names. Germany represents the Principality, Japan the Elven Federation, England Angleeye and the Greek the Norse and so on.

    The map is 102 tiles wide and 80 high and has 11 Nations as well as 24 City States.


    Unzip the map and place the file in your My Documents/MyGames/Sid Meier's Civilization V/Maps folder. Start the game and choose Mods and set up your game. The Fairy Tale map is there for the choosing in your maps list as well. Have fun playing Civ5 in the World of Fairy Tale.


    Oct 20, First Version published.

    Le Sage, October 2010


    1. worldoffairytalemaplogo_2Ru.jpg